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Services - Web Site Design:

You have many options when you choose Design Realms as your web design company. We offer a variety of services based upon your individual needs.
  • Complete Web Site Design
  • Internal Search Engines
  • E-Commerce & Shopping Carts
  • Forums & Chatrooms
  • Animation, Flash, Audio, Video
  • Password Protected Pages

Reasons To Have A Web Site
  1. Establish presence on the Web - a billboard, a store front.
  2. Educate your customers/clients about your field, as well as your own products/services. Whether you are an artist (or strictly sales), this can be your portfolio (or Product Demo) which never needs lugging around.
  3. Make business information available 24 hours a day.
  4. Update this information easily and keep it timely.
  5. Public relations - reach the public, reach the media. Your customers are not limited to your city or state.
  6. Open international markets - not only is the Web international, the hours are across all time zones.
  7. Sell products and services even when the office is closed.
  8. Reach highly desirable market segment (those with WWW access).
  9. Customer Service - including customer feedback.
  10. Demonstrate product information via graphics, audio, or video.
  11. Save staff time by posting Frequently Asked Questions.
  12. Save $ on website vs. other advertising. Can they offer so much?
  13. Use a website to track customer "hits" and other statistics.
  14. Have internal Website (Intranet) for your employees only - keep even remote employees up-to-date on all policies, procedures, & forms.
  15. Do it before the competition in Miami, Montreal, or Merikesh snatches your customer or client away. Since the communication is global, so is your competition.
  16. Save a Domain name now before your company name or service is taken by someone else.

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